Birth Control

I'm sitting here watching Jon and Kate Plus Eight and I just realized that every commercial break consists of anti-aging creams and birth control pills!


Little Boxes

Remember a long time ago, back when the internet wasn't around and most families didn't have a computer in their home...and it cost a lot of money to make long distance phone calls?
Well way back then I used to write letters. I'd write letters to people in Chicago when we moved to South Lyon. I'd write letters to people in the South who came by to do something at our church. I'd write letters to friends who lived near me. I was a letter writing machine. And as a result of that, I received a whole lotta letters in the mail.
My mom had a box of cards and letters she had kept from a time in her life when she was very sick. Her collection of correspondence kept me busy for many hours at a time as a child. I'd read what her friends said about her, all their well wishes, and I felt like I was peeking into her life as a child. I knew that I would keep all my letters for my kids to read one day. And now I have a box. Full. Of. Letters.
I pulled the box out of the garage the other night and started reading through my childhood. I had forgotten how many people had come into my life. Some of the names were a mystery to me but others brought back vivid memories of camp and church and school. I even found 2 letters my brother wrote me while he was at Union University (before he was kicked out).
As I mentioned, these letters all occurred before the internet and cell phones so many of the letters had some pretty day to day info in them. I'd get all the info on the classes my friends were taking, some of them would write to me from each hour of their school day, keeping well informed. We would write about when we'd see each other again and who we'd bring along when we got together. Some of the letters included artwork...and some of it was good.
But now we have the internet...and cell phones...and I'm only in touch with a few of the people I was once close enough to to know that they were writing me from the bathroom.
So I started my internet search and found a few of my old friends. I haven't heard back form them yet. But it gives me the same feeling I would get right before the mail man drove past the mail box. I keep checking my email and myspace and facebook. Waiting to see if they've written back so that I can hear what they are doing now.
The anticipation is part of the fun.
The box is in my closet now and when Hazel is old enough to wonder about my life as a child I'll pull it out. She'll dump it on my bed just like I did with my mom's letters, and she'll read through them. She'll imagine me writing on PAPER?! and having to WAIT?! for my friends to respond a WEEK?! later. Then she'll skip over to her cell phone and start texting her friends. The sad thing is that she'll have nothing to show for it in the end. No box of memories for her kids to look through. I think we may have been the last generation to have pen pals. It makes me a bit sad.



Most of you know of my friend Mike G...well he posted this and I posted my name which means that I must follow through...so. If you post your name in the comment section I will do the following:

1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you which song or movie you remind me of.
3. I'll pick a kind of alcoholic beverage to share with you.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
(if possible. if not, I'll say something that only makes sense to me.)
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you.
8. If you play, you MUST post this on your blog.

I'll do my best folks...my memory isn't what it used to be...
This is the part where you post your name...





So Many Reasons

I have many friends who are great (or getting great) with child.
This is good news for that crafty side of me...now I have a reason to create! Here's what I whipped up this afternoon while the kids were destroying the downstairs:

I've ordered a few patterns from Wee Wonders and have been very happy with the results. I'm not the best embroiderer; as a matter of fact I sit with my computer perched on the arm of the couch so that I can look up different stitches as I go. But it's a quick project to get through which means that I'm fully satisfied within a few hours.
So if you've got a bun in the oven and I know about it...keep your eyes on the mail box for little gifts here and there. :)


Ever since I read this blog posting I've been looking for an excuse to make a trip to Top Pot. The problem isn't getting there as we drive past it EVERYDAY on our way to the dog park. No. The problem is finding a REASON to actually stop and eat a delicious treat.
Here's what I came up with:
Well, we drive right past it anyway...and the kids are working on some summer workbooks so...why not take everyone to the dog park and reward ourselves with Top Pot AND have the kids do some pages after they've had the treat? Works for me! Now I just have to be sure that it doesn't become a habit...my lower body can not afford a habit like that!



Uncle Justin came by around 8:00am this morning to collect August so that they could make their way to an airplane show somewhere by the Tacoma Mall. Imagine August, who has become accustom to sleeping in past 10:00am, having to wake up at 7:30am! It was not a pretty sight but he managed to pull it together by the time Justin arrived.
When the field trip was over August sat in front of the TV for about 30 minutes until I told them to shut it off. He seemed pretty quiet until we got into the car...then...he started talking...and talking...about all the airplanes he saw and how big they were and the helicopter he actually GOT IN!! And a fighter plane of some sort that he was able to move the target in...HOLY COW!
Thanks Uncle Justin...August had a great time.

After he talked through everything he could remember about the day, Hazel, in a small voice said, "Hey Mama? You know I like boy stuff too."

Hazel and I had a relaxing morning together. I told her that she could pick our brunch destination and she chose:As we walked toward the yummy goodness that is Mae's we passed our friends place...so sad that they are STILL on their FREAKING vacation...Hazel and I sang about how it was probably time for them to come home so that we can ring their bell and hang out with them...let's just move on.

Hazel drew this while we waited for our food:
We had a nice time together. After brunch we took a nice walk in the our old neighborhood and checked out all the cool new shops.

Happy Saturday!



I thought of Scott when I drove past this the other day:While it's not as cool as a rabbit making a shadow of a rabbit...I thought the fish looked pretty neat.
I found it while we were on our way to Greenlake park. Kathleen was taking Jonah around the lake and we happened to be going there as well so we all met up for a stroll...
with a quick break for lunch of course.
Today Hazel went to record a song for the upcoming Rosie Thomas Christmas album. We've been listening to holiday music non-stop during the day for over a week. It's been kind of fun belting out winter songs in the dead of summer!

I'll keep you posted as to when the record is released...Hazel is sure she's going to be on the radio...we'll see.

Earlier today we took a drive out to bellevue to pick some blue berries. I didn't bring my camera because I just knew that Ann would have hers ready to go...and thankfully I was right. Keep checking her blog for shots from the day...(how's that for pressure AK?!)


Family Trip

We recently took a quick (read: too short) trip to California to visit with Scott, Amy and the kids. It's so great to see the kids all together. They got along perfectly and enjoyed many, many hours of video games:And because they started looking like zombies...we took them to a great park so they could actually climb trees and play! Here they are....waiting to go back to playing video games:
Scott, Amy, Trey, Hank and I all got a chance to escape the kids for an evening. Scott had a long list of things we could do with our time but we opted for a trip to Trader Joe's for some picnic food:
So that we could go to a Hollywood cemetery to watch Blue Velvet. It got a bit weird during the "Mommy....Mommy!" scenes, but all in all, it was a great time.

After Church on Sunday we hopped over to Pink Taco...just to say that we've been...it felt very Hollywood.

August and Hazel liked the Day of the Dead theme.
Notice that August is being a total boy...and Hazel is just standing there being pretty, holding the hand of a dead guy.
This would have been a funny picture if August was pointing to what he THOUGHT he was pointing to. He kept asking me to take a picture of him pointing to that so I did...then I asked him why he wanted a picture of the belt buckle...he slumped and said, "oh darn! I thought it was his penis!"

Ahhh, California! We miss you already.


Movie Night

So last night we all went to see movies. Trey and August when to see Journey to the Center of the Earth while this stranger and I went to see Kit Kittredge.
Everyone liked the movies. August said that Journey was exciting and Hazel was full of emotions as Kit worked through the problem of the movies...I won't tell you more...wouldn't want to spoil the plot for you. It was cute.

I've been totally immersed in all things Twilight thanks to Kathleen Boden! My sister started reading the books a few months ago and was raving about it and handed each book, one by one as she finished them, down to me. Everyday I attempt to sneak peeks into the lives in the series, feeling frustrated by every minute I am pulled away. Last night I excitedly picked up the last half of the 3rd book as the kids crept off to bed and stared devouring the pages. I reluctantly followed Trey off to bed but couldn't stop reading...until a strange sound reached my ears...BIRDS?! CHIRPING?!
Why are there birds chirping in the middle of the night? I rolled over to check the time on my phone...4:45! UGH.
I finished the page I was on and turned off the light, a little reluctant to put the rest of the story on hold. Sleep should have fallen quickly on me but I tossed and turned wondering what would happen. I lay in bed and began to talk to God as is my normal routine and suddenly realized that I was praying for the characters in the book...this often happens when I'm immersed in a good story. I'm sure God got a good laugh as I prayed.

The kids both slept in until past 10:00 which is a good thing for me...I was able to finish the book over breakfast.

Do You See What Eye See?

Can you guess the owner of these eyes?


10 on 10

Welcome to the dog days of summer!