So Hazel and Trey are on a grand adventure in New York City this
weekend. Hazel is in awe of the Big Apple.
August and I picked up sone New York pizza in honor of their trip.
The heat has finally let up a bit...it's only 89 in our house right
now! We lived having dinner outside. Luckily, our yard is shaded in
the afternoon so we get the benefit of a cool breeze and low sunshine.



Holy heat!
Thank God for the Isreal family!! The kids and I spent the afternoon
at their pool.


Beach blonde


Hot time in the city

Hanging with Rachel and Francis at Matthews Beach.

School of Rock

Video Number 2:

Penny is so warm


Taking one for the team

August and I read reviews for G-force before we bought our
tickets...the reviews might be better than the movie itself.

Summertime, and the livin' is easy

School of Rock

Video Number One:


I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night

Man, August was on fire last night. He played guitar and keyboard and sang a bit on Rockin' in the Free World. It was a great show!


Date Night

He's at it again folks! It's date night...dinner and a movie...with a
little Time Crisis 3 thrown in for good measure.

Happy Sushi Girl

Hazel and I spent the morning getting our toe nails done and then went
to get sushi at BlueC.
At one point she announced that it was her best day of the


iPhone Application

I love this new application...it's called Camerabag and you can
transform your photos with a flick of your finger:




Man, we had a great time in California (although, this picture of August would seem to argue that point!)
We drove out to Zuma Beach where the kids dug holes, dodged waves and enjoyed the weather.

We even went to the circus. I sat next to August and got to listen to him pick apart each and every act until there was one that he just couldn't believe. He kept yelling, "THEY ARE LITERALLY DEFYING GRAVITY!!!" I loved every minute of it.

I've got all the pictures up on my me gallery.


Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark

So You Think You Can Draw

The Golden Age of Comics

On our way out of town we stopped at the Skirball Cultural Center to
check out their comics exhibit.
This is right up August's alley!!



Tag 2

I'd love to take a tour of LA looking for Banksy art. Amy drove us
past these on our way home from MILK.
So cool!


Imagination Station

August is feeling too old to play with the kids right now...I think he
may have reached that yucky stage in life where you feel too old to do
the things you really want to do. Big changes for the boy: 5th grade,
body oder, girls...

It's Gettin' Hot in Here!

August and I are melting!!


The kids and I walked down to Starbucks and then thought it would be
fun to go to a park, so I searched for one on my beloved iPhone.
The one it found was a little over a mile away and I thought it would
be worth the walk so we started on our quest. To their credit, they
all walked strong for about a half mile...then the whining began. I
pushed them on and eventually we came upon the little park.



Hollywood Bowl

Man oh man! Last nights show was a-mazing!
Death Cab sounded great and they ended the show with a BANG.

California Boys

Z and August have been loving life these last few days...