Diamond Head Crater

We went out on a few excursions while we were at Aulani.  This trip took us to Diamond Head Crater.  It was really amazing.  It was a pretty difficult climb with lots of stairs and some tunneling through the crater which was my least favorite part...think lots of people, cramped space and pitch black...not my idea of a great time, but super glad we did it!
The very highest point.  

A truly amazing view at the top.

Hazel and I looked out at every angle for a long while.

August catching his breath.

Coast right below.

Light House.

Proud climber.

See where is says "Danger"?  That's exactly why I was down below!

Hazel ran some of the way back down.

Funny Action Shots

I was uploading vacation pictures and I started laughing so hard when these came up:

We were at Diamond Head Crater and had just finished hiking to the top.  Trey, Hazel and I were stretching when August though he'd be par core and try to run up the tree.  He was unsuccessful.  And it was so funny.


What I See

You guys? We've never been to Hawaii so don't be mad at this post. I'm kinda shell shocked. This place is amazing. We've seen whales and sea turtles...we've swam in the ocean and in pools and lazy rivers.
We've seen Mickey and Goofy.
It is magical here...and the drinks are good too!
Wish you were here!