Sunny Day

The sun came out!
It's been a rather gloomy spring break for us. Lots of grey skies and blowing rain. But today the sun graced us with it's warm glow.
We had already made plans to see Alice in Wonderland again, this time in regular old 2D. Such an amazing movie. Loved it both times.
After the movie we went to University Village to get some Red Mango while we walked around a bit with my sister. It's funny how bright the sun feels after days and days of clouds.



Hazel came home with this delicate piece of art she created at school:

I've had it on my fireplace mantle ever since.



A long time ago, back when you could jam too many bodies into a full size van or a station wagon, back when we didn't have to wear seat belts, back when my brother Scott could curl up in the way back with a book and fall asleep, we used to look outside when we went on drives.
I know, sounds crazy, but we did! We watched the landscape change, we looked at fellow passengers and either waved or made faces at them. But mostly? My dad had us looking for birds. Hawks to be exact. We'd keep our eyes gazing up into the sky, towards the tops of trees.
The kid who found the hawk first always felt great. My dad would say, "Good eye Jenny!" or "Wow, I didn't see that one." or, "Yup, I noticed that one too!"

I've told my kids about this game. About how we'd have to keep our eyes peeled to see the difference between a big pigeon or a black bird and a hawk. I've told them about the good feeling I used to get whenever I found one.

My kids are just now getting it. They've spent most of their car time with their noses in their personal game systems. Recently we drove to Portland and we made them take half hour breaks between screen time. It wasn't half bad. We even played the alphabet game. Remember that one? Find the next letter on passing signs?

I still find myself looking up when I'm riding in the car. I still feel proud when I spy a hawk. Today, while the kids and I were driving to Bellevue to pick something up we saw a bald eagle. Funny how exciting it is to see one and yet I've seen two this week! I hope it never gets old.



The play is over!
Let me just say that again, the play...is over!
It was great working with Heather, I think this year was easier than last year and my hope is that next year will be even better. I'm looking forward to having lunch with Heather so we can talk through things we'd change and keep the same for next year.

I worked today and one 4th grade girl came up to me and said, "My days are so empty now that the play is over." I had to laugh a little because she sounded so down about that...I, on the other hand, am ecstatic!

Yesterday I walked the kids to school with the dogs. There was nothing on my schedule until pickup so we walked down to Green Lake and walked around it, then went to the off leash area for a while. By the time we got home it was almost noon. I did have to go into the school because even though the play is over there is still plenty of paperwork to wrap up. I should be finished with everything by the end of the week.

While the dogs and I were at Green Lake we saw a bald eagle. I've seen a few here and there but they are usually soaring. This one was just perched on a big ole tree.
I know it doesn't look like much through the lens of my phone but it really was quite something.

The other night I purchased an application called Hipstamatic for my phone. I think the pictures turn out pretty cool. Here are a few from the dog park:
I think that first one kinda looks like a ghost dog. And the green one looks like something out of Neverland (from Peter Pan, not Micheal Jackson...)


Multnoma Falls

We moved to Washington about 10 years ago. We love it. We love the fact that on a clear day you can see mountains in just about every directions. As much as we adore living here, we haven't taken advantage of all the amazing places we have access to. Many of our friends take regular trips to the mountains to go skiing or travel a few miles to some hidden cabin in the woods. Our family has taken a number of road trips to Portland and it is a great escape from our regular lives.
Trey had a show in Portland he needed to go to which would've meant he'd be gone for a big chunk of our weekend. So we asked Andrew if he could watch the dogs and loaded up the kids and their swim suits and took a last minute overnight trip down I5. Trey thought it might be fun to drive a little bit further and stop off to see Multnomah Falls on our way into Portland. I'm so glad he did. Despite my fear of heights, we trekked up the path towards the bridge that looks straight at the water fall. It was beautiful. I gave August a chance to take some pictures, and then Hazel took her turn. It wasn't a long trip, but it was at the perfect time.



You guys?
I am tired. I'm so tired that the kids are commenting on the bags under my eyes. They are asking if I'm okay. They are making mention of the wrinkles they suddenly notice on my face.
My children aren't doing this because they are mean spirited. They are doing it because they are just now noticing it.
So, why am I so tired, you ask? Well, not sure. Could be that Hazel is sick again. Could be that it's spring but it's not really spring. Could be that we have to fix our stinking chimney. Could be that the play is coming to a speedy end next week and we're in full speed. Could be that August is experiencing some difficulties at school. Who knows.
This parenting thing though, it's killing me. So many choices, so many decisions...I'm sometimes finding myself wishing we could fast forward through the middle school years. And I say that knowing full well that I'll want to fast forward the high school years. And then? I'll wish to go back in time, to relive all the sweet moments. All the times when Hazel needed me because she wasn't feeling well. I'll want to be in the moment when August reached out to hold my hand because he felt alone in the world.
I can sit here on this couch and know all these things and the only thing I feel right now is TIRED. And I want this part of parenthood to be OVER.