Day 2

And she still loves it. Part of me was afraid she'd wake up this morning with major bed-head and freak out. But she's good.



Who's That Girl?

Hazel donated her long curls to Locks of Love. We've been talking about doing this for a while now and she's finally reached the required 10 inches of ponytail.
I was very prepared for some tears but there were none. My girl was a trooper and was so excited the whole time.
She couldn't wait to show Aunt Kat and then rush home to show her neighbor friends. At this point Trey hasn't even seen it...Hazel wanted to make him wait until he came home...no camera photos, nothing.
It's a super cute, chunky cut. Hazel thinks it looks like the hair on the Ramona's Aunt in the recent movie Ramona and Beezus. She couldn't stop smiling.


Relaxing MLK Day

We started the day with a piano lesson for August and a consultation for Hazel. Looks like Hazel will begin her own lessons in February and she is super excited for it.
I am really enjoying the kids as they find activities that motivate them.
I know I've talked to some of you about my fears that August lacks any motivation to do well...I think that maybe I'm just supposed to learn to wait things out with these kids. I think I keep expecting them to just love everything we present before them. The reality is that they will find things to dig their fingers into...all I can do is offer them variety.

After piano we walked down to the local coffee shop because they sent the neighborhood houses a super coupon for their delicious crepes. We of course ended up with two crepes and three hot drinks. Hazel worked on the gift she's making for Kat's birthday while August worked on some pretty cool sketches.

Later tonight we are meeting Kat and Justin for some West Seattle Thai food to celebrate Kat's birthday.
And then...we start the school/ work week. Thankfully we have two weeks of four day school weeks.


It's the Small Things

This video doesn't seem like much but it's pretty special. You see, August and Hazel have a pretty typical sibling relationship. They fight, they tease, they bug, they yell and generally get on each others nerves. But today we were walking through the mall before dinner, I was holding Hazel's hand when I noticed that August was holding her hand too.
I didn't want to draw attention to it for fear that the hand holding session would come to an abrupt stop, so I pulled out the handy phone and tried to capture it.
I think by this point August was squeezing her hand a bit and she was actually asking him to stop, but before that? They were just walking through the mall holding hands. I loved every minute of it.