He Caved!

So you might have heard that Seattle got some snow...and it shut down the whole city.
The kids were super excited when the first flakes started to fall.
It started on the 21st and didn't really stop until Thanksgiving. I was a bit afraid that we'd have to miss some of our guests but everyone made it to the house safe and sound.
But before we had Thanksgiving and before the snow really hit us, we brought the kids out to a local nursery to see the reindeer.
Trey has always stuck to waiting to celebrate Christmas until after Thanksgiving. This means no Christmas music, no Christmas drinks and NO Cranberry Bliss Bar from Starbucks.
But guess what? The snow got to him...and he totally bought one! And then? When we got back into the car? Yup! He turned on some Christmas music!!

Now that Thanksgiving is over we are officially getting into the Christmas spirit. Even our dogs are getting in on it...although they aren't as excited as the rest of us.