Summer Days

Summer Days


International Fountain

After looking around for free things to do in and around Seattle I re-found the International Fountain at the Seattle Center. We've walked by it in the past but we've never spent much time there. I invited our wonderful backyard neighbors and we all loaded into their 3rd row vehicle (man I can't wait to get one!) and headed down town for the afternoon.
Between the two families the kids had a great time. We packed snacks and let them graze as they saw fit while Monica and I sat and talked in the sun.
One of the many benefits of doing things with Monica is that she's a photographer. We're not talking a mom with a camera kind of photographer, we're talking a woman who can take great pictures. Check out her website if you're looking for some really nice photos. She snapped some shots of our little outing today as well:
After spending the afternoon together, the girls went to our other neighbor's house to check on their most recent project. Today the guy was making a salad bowl. Yup. They needed a salad bowl so he went out in the backyard and made one. No joke. These are the same neighbors who have chickens. They are selling 2 of their chickens along with a really nice chicken coop if you're in the market...just a thought.
I believe this is one of the chickens they are selling.
After all the running around August and Emma went with our youth group to hang out in Lake Washington till 10:00. They came home super tired.
And now? I'm sitting on the couch with a cool breeze blowing through our screen door while I watch Top Chef and write this blog. All is quiet in the Many house.
Tomorrow? We are going to see Shakespeare in the park in Lynnwood. But that's not till the evening. Think we'll take it easy during the day.
I've got to say- I really love living where we do right now. Having the freedom for the kids to be able to run from one house the other has been so wonderful. It reminds me of when we were young and would spend the whole day outside riding bikes and rollerskating with all the kids in our neighborhood.


My Pictures

Well, I can't remember how to put this on the side bar so that it'll be up there for good so I'll just put it up here:

Here's the link to my pictures:


Sorry for the confusion.


A Birthday to Remember

Not sure how this party will be topped! Our friend Jonah was celebrating his 10th and we were on the invite list. How luck are we?
Here's a sneak peak at what we got to do:
Yup! Kangaroos! At the party! Hopping around the yard! And there was a baby Wallaby! It was the softest thing I've ever felt in my whole life.
The kids always love visiting Jonah and we look forward to his birthday parties every year but honestly? Not sure how they are gonna top this one!
I've posted all the pictures to my gallery...feel free to check them out.

Dog Days Of Summer

The kids and I are enjoying our long awaited summer. We haven't really done much, just kinda been hanging out at home. We've has many fun days with our backyard neighbors playing in the yards and playing wii and watching movies. It's been great.
Recently we watched Scout for a few days which added some excitement to our backyard. Cute little Scout wanted desperately to get back home and would occasionally disappear under the fence only to realize that no matter how much barking she did at her back door, no one would open it for her. So she reluctantly would allow herself to be picked up by Hazel or August and brought back over the fence to our backyard. She's a funny little thing.
You can't really blame us for having to make a quick stop on our way to the dog park to grab some doughnuts. I made everyone chuckle by not ordering a doughnut for myself. Instead, I took bites of everybody's choices. What? I was able to nibble on a variety of tasty treats and was left feeling better about myself for not eating an entire doughnut.


So Much

Our summer began with a trip out to Chicago and the Detroit area.
My grandma Dixon turned 90 this year and boy howdy did they throw a party for her!
I'm not sure how many people came to celebrate her but it was a full house! We got to see many friends from long ago as well as our immediate family. More pictures are up on my mobile me gallery.

After spending some time with my side of the family we drove from Chicago to the Detroit area to spend some time with Trey's side of the family, but before we officially left my old stomping grounds we made a stop at the house I grew up in.
We've done this a number of times in the past but this time...someone was home...and they noticed a crazy gal snapping pictures...and they invited us in!
The event was rather emotional and I don't think I've fully processed it yet but I did put every single picture up on my mobile me gallery. I know that it won't mean that much to most of you but to me and my family, it's pretty cool. August and Hazel and Zane got to see where their parent's grew up.


Vacation Photos

White Lake Michigan

Vacation Photos

Relaxing on the 4th.

Vacation Photos

Giant plants in Grandpa Kliers yard.

Vacation Photos

Browns in South Lyon

Vacation Photos

Dinner with the Klier family.