It was a great day for me. Things started with some beautiful flowers from my brother and sister-in-law:
Aren't they lovely?
It was a beautiful day out here, we are known for our cloudy skies, but the sky on the day before my birthday was just wonderful. Big, fluffy, white clouds against a bright blue sky:

Hazel spent the weekend at her first Girl Scouts camp and we asked our friends the Nyssen family if they could watch August overnight so I could have some adult time. Sadly our day alone consisted of which restaurants we would go to!
First off Paseo:
We waited for our food and didn't complain once. Amazing Cuban sandwiches, so worth the wait!!
After spending some time downtown we decided on meeting some friends at this little hole in the wall called Delancy. This place always has a super long wait and we haven't wanted to take the kids there because of it:
While we were eating dinner this guy walked in who looked just like my friend Mike G...it was almost as good as having him here:
After dinner...I got Iced!
Then we all went to the cinema to see an important film:The next morning we hosted a birthday brunch with friends. Trey made an egg scramble and I made some sweet rolls. Kat brought some pastries from a bakery by her house and the fixings for mimosas. It was a nice way to celebrate my day.
And having a birthday on Facebook just about blew my mind. I couldn't keep up with all the friends, far and near, who wished me a great day!
Thanks everyone!!


We've Got Neighbors

Check out our awesome neighbors! They're the ones with the chickens!



Hootenanny 2010

Wake Up by The Arcade Fire
Uncle Justin on Bass
August on Guitar
Trey on Drums
Hazel Lead Vocals
Jen Backup Vocals



Shhhhh, don't make any sudden moves.
Calmly raise your eyes to look at today's date...yup, I know! It's May!
May is my month and I try so hard to live in every moment of it.
In May I was born. In May I was married. In May I am a mother. In May I get to go to Sasquatch.And in May we do the Hootenanny.So there's a lot happening in May. More often than not the month flies by and I feel like I missed it all. This year Trey is cooking brunch for Mother's Day (I think). We're singing an Arcade Fire song for the Hootenanny. We'll go out to eat for my birthday and we'll be able to celebrate our anniversary at Sasquatch thanks to Kat and Justin who will be staying with our kids and dogs.
The days are slowly warming up and we're able to walk to school more and go to the dog parks more. Hazel comes home from school and plays in the backyard with our neighbors and August continues to work on skateboarding and unicycling. The days are longer and summer is just around the corner. Life is good in May and I'm just trying to love every day.