Christmas 2009

A few weeks ago Hazel mentioned that she really likes one of the traditions Trey's mom has of putting baby Jesus out on Christmas eve. We've never had a nativity set and we started talking about how we should be on the look out for a nice little set for our home.
Days passed and Hazel was invited to go to a birthday party for a girl friend from school. They went to this place called Paint the Town. Hazel has been wanting to go this place for so long and we just haven't had the time or the inclination to go. Needless to say, she was ecstatic to spend a few hours with her friends creating something of her own.
August and I rushed over to the little shop to pick our happy girl up and found that she spent her time painting a nativity scene.
Folks, this place is full of puppies, plates, cups, cute little animals, you name it...but Hazel picked a nativity scene.
I was very touched that she wanted to do something so meaningful for our family in the midst of a million cute things she could have chosen.

This was our first year with the nativity set and Hazel was the first child to put baby Jesus out on Christmas eve night. The other day we were driving in the car and out of the blue August reminded her that next year it's his turn.

Hanging with the Ladies

Hazel invited the backyard neighbors over...and now they're wathing TV
wih August.
Fun times with the Many kids.


From Tank and Penny

The Many dogs wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


And We're Live!!!

Warming Up For Rosie

And So It Begins

Last day of school before the holiday break and boy oh boy did we use every minute of it! Hazel had a book exchange in class, then the school had a holiday assembly (pictures NOT included here but will be in my gallery soon). Right after school, Hazel went with her Daisy troop to the ice rink in Seattle Center so Trey and August and I met her there along with the Bazan and Nyssen families. We, and by we I mean the kids and Trey with a little bit of AK in there, skated around for about an hour and then went to the carousel conveniently located right outside the rink. Hot chocolate and a quick dinner were devoured before we left the downtown area to speed back to our hood so that the kids could spend the night at their friends house while Trey and I went to the school's teacher Christmas party. It has been a full day. A perfect way to start the break.
We have a few things planned for the break but for the most part we are hanging at home:And who could blame us? Seattle is a wonderful place to spend the holidays!
Ho! Ho! Ho!


Snap Shot

We've seen some cold this winter. No snow, but lots and lots of cold. Hazel woke me up this morning with a sense of awe in her voice, "Mama, mama! I want to show you something! You won't believe it!! Hurry!"
I jumped out of bed and threw on the clothes closest to me. Both Hazel and August were standing outside my door waiting. "What's going on?", I asked.
"It's snowing...just barely...but it's SNOWING!", shouted Hazel.
August and I looked at each other with a little bit of disbelief. I was contented to play along, but August is the older brother, and that would have taken too much out of him, so he said, "I looked out the front window and I didn't see anything...I think you're seeing things."
Hazel, the drama queen, looked out the front window and sure enough...no snow flakes...her body was pouting before she hit the couch. Knees up, head down, arms wrapped around her legs.
I gave August "the look" and we went to the kitchen to look out the windows. I called Hazel over to ask if these were the windows she was looking through when she saw the snow. "harmpf, yes...but you won't see any...I SAID it was just BARELY snowing!"
August and I sat at our kitchen table. While I was looking out at the frozen persimmon's hanging from their brittle branches I saw one solitary flake.
"Hazel! I saw one!", I shouted.
Hazel unfolded herself and with a disbelieving smile, slowly approached the window.
August, who was looking out the window facing the bare apple tree now suddenly shouted that he saw one too. Hazel was right. It was barely snowing.
The three of us sat, counting the few flakes, enjoying the cold from our warm kitchen where Trey was fixing eggs for breakfast.


My Boy August

Happy Birthday August!
I realized, after looking through all my pictures, that I haven't scanned in your baby pics yet...I've really gotta get to that. You were an amazing first born son. You are an amazing big brother and you're turning into a great young man.
Happy 11th to you my son.
I love you.