ice and snow

our first real snow day from school. the snow is still on the ground with a nice layer of ice under it...driving has not been easy round these parts...
the kids and i started the day with pumpkin pancakes...yum!

notice the stuffed christmas trees on the window ledge! i just love them so.

the kids spent about an hour downstairs making various ships out of their pattern blocks...

august made some cool battlestar looking space crafts

while hazel made two ships, one was called "witch ship" and "pretty princes ship"...

on the menu for tonight: beef stew...my first attempt...i'll let you know how it turns out tomorrow...


our busy weekend

whew! it's sunday night and i'm ready for the school week...if we have school tomorrow...it's been snowing all day which is odd for our neck of the woods. the snow thrilled everyone. we went over to our friends house for dinner a little north of us where the snow fell even harder causing them to lose their power. we all ate by candle light and their fireplace. it was lovely.

when we got home trey and the kids set out to make our first snowman of the season.

earlier this week i went to the fabric store to get some fabric to make the christmas trees that this gal makes. i made a set for a few friends and a set for myself. i'm so glad littlebirds shared the pattern.
i feel so creative...even if it wasn't my idea...

i have my mom and my mother-in-law to thank for the fact that i can sew now...linda gave me her old machine and my mom sat down and made me sew for myself...thanks ladies!

i'll post more tomorrow...


a night with no sleep

well, happy thanksgiving.
i didn't sleep much last night because i found out that parts of my family will not be going back for christmas. i feel like a spoiled child who isn't getting her way. i spent most of the night crying in my bed only to keep the husband awake and worried so i moved to the couch. watching tv will usually keep my mind off my many troubled thoughts...so i watched tv. i'm pretty sure that i did get some sleep because i woke up at 7am with puffy eyes. so. there you have it folks. i'm a 34 year old spoiled child who still cries when things don't go my way...
we've got some wonderful friends coming over today for thanksgiving. my son and i will pull out some games and movies. there will be 6 small children running around the house. our first thanksgiving in this house. it should keep my mind off christmas for the day.
i'll post pictures either tonight or tomorrow.


just turned 5!

my girl just turned 5. look at her chubby little hands...my sister took her for the day and did her hair in hot rollers. she came back looking like a big girl.

now we get through thanksgiving and move on to my boys birthday...he's turning 8! ugh. kinda makes me want a baby again. i know that sounds crazy but with these two big kids i just want a little one to cuddle up with...there may be a small dog in my future.