Updates from the Many Family

It has been a heck of a long time since my last post!
Here's an idea of what the Many family has been up to:

  • Hazel played a Narrator for this year's school production of Aladdin
  • August sang and danced as Bert Healey, a servant and a member of Hooverville in his schools production of Annie
  • Trey and I began a training routine at the gym...you should see my husband these days!!!
  • August will soon be completing his 7th grade year
  • Hazel will soon be completing her 4th grade year
  • I will soon be completing my first year as a classroom teacher
  • I successfully turned 40 without any breakdowns
Our summer looks great:

  • August will be taking a Parkour class, attending an Ultimate Frisbee camp and a youth group camp 
  • Hazel will continue taking Hip Hop through the summer, as well as attend a Hip Hop/Jazz summer camp and a church camp
  • Trey and I will be taking an adult trip to New York where we'll shop, see shows and see the Walsh dynamic duo
  • The family will be spending 2 weeks in California visiting with Anna, Avery and the Reynolds clan
  • Hazel will be spending some time with the Wilkinson girls
  • August will be hanging out with his good friend Nicholas
And best of all, we have most of August to just chill.  To be in Seattle in the summer, assuming summer ever reaches us out here in the PNW! I'm looking out the window right now and it's grey and wet and chilly.  IT'S JUNE 18th!!