Just a Few More Things

I know many of you are interested in seeing pictures of our new life here as well...so here are a few roses from our front yard.

They just keep blooming and blooming. The house comes with gardeners who must know what they're doing because I just keep being surprised by the beauty of these bushes every day.
And here's a picture of myself and Trey. You can see that he's becoming a tan Californian while I'm still my pale self.

Hi from August and Hazel as well.

From There to Here

So, you know that feeling? The one where you wake up and the sun is out and everything just looks brighter? That feeling you have right at that moment...that's what I've been feeling for days. Every morning I wake up, look out my window and see palm trees and blue sky.
I'm not trying to brag. This is coming from an amazed place deep down inside my chest. My brain knows that for the last 13 years this season should bring sweaters and raincoats and short days...but that's just not happening. Today? It was clear and beautiful and 75 degrees. I turned the air off in the house. I drove with the windows down. I took the kids to Menchies after school. I sat out in the courtyard of our house and read a book. I will be walking to dinner. It's really amazing.
When we lived in Seattle I was blown away every time I saw the mountains. On clear days? Seattle is the most beautiful city I've ever lived in. But this time of year brought the beginning of darkness. I will often look at the weather app on my phone to check in on what's happening in Seattle. The other day I saw the familiar grey clouds, one right after the other, and I felt that dark feeling again. It's a bit of sadness in my chest. I'm sorry for those dark days that are quickly approaching.
The thrill of seeing the mountains never went away. I remember looking out the window at the elementary school and seeing the Olympic Mountains and just being in awe even to the very last day.
I hope to have those same feelings 13 years from now. I hope to enjoy every sunny day. Every bit of summer, every warm breeze.