Halloween 2011

The kids opted for a Halloween part of their own this year.  They each made their list and sent out the invitations, created a menu, requested songs and movies.  And it was a success!
While I can't post everyone's picture because I don't have permission from their parents, I can post some of the more disguised kids:
Hazel dressed as a dead vampire.

Trey, a turkey

Hazel's friend was a zombie

August's friend won the best costume contest as an accountant who sold his soul to the devil

A room full of pre-teen gals...super fun! 
This was before the dance party...

August invited several friends from elementary school as well as some newer friends

August's friend as radio head (I think)

Another friend, not sure what his costume was...not sure he knew either

Francis as Hanna?

The beginning of the dance party

There was lots of noise and bouncing around.  Trey made a pretty fun dance mix that the kids loved yelling to.
After the costume competition we started Monster Squad.  Trey and I were upstairs for most of the party but loved hearing the squeals of fright at all the right parts.
All in all, it was a success.


How's it Going

Hi Folks!  It's been a wild ride so far! I'm just popping in to let you know that I have a project up on Donorschoose.  It's a great way for teachers to get things for their classroom.  My class really needs early reader books.  I've taken all the books from my house and brought them to the class but I just can't keep up.
I've also put a project up to see if I can get an easel for the room.  This would be used near the carpet corner which would make direct instruction much easier for the students to see what I'm trying to teach them.  The easel would be used for all direct instruction really and has this great organizational element under it...which I love!
So, please consider giving a few bucks towards these critical needs: