I've been really watching Hazel these last few days. yesterday we were able to spend some time swimming at the gym and eating her favorite food and doing nails and watching the new Disney musical movie. I watched her as the lead boy and girl finally sang their song together, their hands touching as they gazed into each other's eyes. I watched my girl lift her own hands to her face with a look of complete awe and hope. I watched and I got a bit sad. Trey and I have had these conversations many times...the ones about how movies and TV have distorted everyone's idea of romance...I saw Hazel get a bit distorted last night. She's so many years away from having to worry about boys and kissing but she's so hopeful already. I overheard her say that she wanted to "make-out" with the neighbors boy cousin the other day...MAKE-OUT!!! When I asked her what that meant she told me, with conviction, that it meant going into the bathroom and kissing on the lips. What?
August and Hazel and I took a short walk up the street to the local grocery store because I ran out of olive oil...can't have Ann-Kresten's Salmon without it! As we were walking Hazel asked if she could run the block. And then I watched her run. She ran with no thoughts of how she looked, or how much energy it would take to make the entire block, she just ran full speed and laughed the whole time. I remember that. I remember running up hills and down blocks and just not caring...until my neighbor asked if I wanted to join cross country...then I cared...and I hated it. She would coax me into running just a little bit longer...just to the next mailbox...just to the next street sign. I hated it. I want to encourage Hazel to love it. To love being outside and in the sun and using every bit of energy she has in her cute little body. I love watching this little girl grow up.


10 on 10

We're on vacation in Cancun...paying for internet by the minute so I only have time to upload the pictures and type these few words...no time to organize them...use your imagination!


Faces, Balls and Accountants

The kids and I took a few hours out of our crazy schedule today to watch Kathleen and Justin play kickball. Oh My Goodness! I haven't laughed that hard in I don't know how long!!
Their team is called "Git Some" and the team they played against is called "Awesome Town". Each player on "Awesome Town" was a towns person- they had a mayor (who played the whole game with his brief case), a snowboarder (who played the whole game with his snowboard!!) and a tiger among other people. But the best towns person by far was the accountant:This guys stayed in character the entire time. When he caught a ball he quickly dropped it to calculate it on his HUGE calculator that he kept with him. The first time he came up to kick he had all his files with him and when he made contact with the ball he threw all the files and promptly freaked out about the "Thompson File!!!!"

To begin each game the teams must have a skit. Kathleen and Justin came with a spear (that Justin created) and when the time was right...they set fire to it!!!

The kids were a bit hungry so we ran to the Plaid Pantry to grab some grub:The kids went to town on food I wouldn't normally buy them. I think all the food coloring and artificial flavors had an effect on Hazel!!



I'm happy to report that Trey and I have been married 10 years now! *note that one of my eyes is smaller than the other...this was taken after many glasses of yummy drinks and a great glass of wine.
We celebrated our anniversary in style on May 31st with a grand dinner at Canlis.
The kids were spending the night at Ann and Dave's house and were fed well too. They just love going on overnights with them. Thanks Ann!!
Our trip to Sasquatch was so much fun, thanks to Kathleen and Justin Boden! We would not have been able to spend my birthday weekend together at this great location without the two of them watching our childrend AND our dog. Thanks Kathleen and Justin!!the view was amazing and the shows were great. The last time Trey and I went to Cave B I spent most of the time enjoying the room. This time I watched more shows and met more people. Rainn Wilson announced a bunch of bands as a way to promote the movie he has coming out.
At one point I was sitting on the grass waiting for the next show when this group of people passes me...Trey mouthed that it was M.I.A. Holy Cow! We ran to watch the show but I could only handle 4 songs. She was amazing...it was the crowd I couldn't handle. I guess I'm just getting too old!
*all pictures taken by my iPhone