guess my color

you can find so many things on line...today i found this website: How about Orange
which led me to this website to take this test: What Color Are You?
and then, i got these results:


You are a very calm and contemplative person. Others are drawn to your peaceful, nurturing nature.

Find out your color at QuizMeme.com!


Our weekend

here's proof that we had a weekend:

In the car on our way to coffee.
The way I saw it...Hazel brought paper and markers and envelopes to decorate...we all wrote letters to each other while we sipped our coffee.
There was a cloud in the sky.
We ended our 3 day vacation from school at the Bazan's house. Tank investigated the whole backyard...he gave it 2 paws up....ugh...dog humor...not so funny.
The Walsh boys are always on our mind. August sends them a note.


Guess what I got?

did you think i would neglect you on this the day of my birth? no my friends (and family) i am here, loyally blogging away to inform you all of how i spent my day.
this morning my family woke me and sang happy birthday to me. trey took the kids to school so i could walk the dog and get ready to go out to breakfast with 2 of my girl friends.
ann and rachel took me to a nice little neighborhood restaurant that i had never been to...i'm so glad we went and can't wait to take trey there some weekend. after dropping ann back off at her car rachel and i set out to do some shopping downtown. there really is something to be said about going downtown in the middle of the week...there was actually room to walk on the sidewalks and i didn't feel claustrophobic in the shops...
after our little shopping excursion i dropped rachel off and picked trey up for a quick coffee break then headed home to let the dog out and play with my birthday gift. not gonna tell you what i got just yet...you'll have to wait.
the weather turned pretty nice by the time i made my way to the school to pick the kids up with tank. tank and i practiced his sitting at every crosswalk and keeping up with me as we walked towards august and hazel. at this point i simply have to suggest picking hazel up and tank is ready and running for the door. it's very sweet watching this family accept a new member.
with the kids in tow we headed home. august was a bit upset because i suggested that he start his homework when we get home (something he has NOT started yet) so that he can play his DS on friday.
now we wait for trey to come home so that we can have a nice birthday dinner at my favorite indian restaurant here in seattle.
you wanna know what i got?
a few parents sent some money for my birthday so we combined that and got....THE CAMERA I WANTED!!!
it's a Nikon D40. i love it. thank you, thank you.
here's some much missed pictures of the day:
the gals.
the boy.
the girl.
the tank.



more Tank info

well, he's 3 months now.
we just finished up his first puppy training class. we taught him to sit, come, lay down and we're still working on roll over. he's still doing pretty good with house training. we may have a problem though because he doesn't like going out in the rain! last night he rang the bell to go out back, trey opened the back door, tank nosed out a bit then ran back into the house. we all went on with what we were doing when trey let out a bit of a yell. we all looked in the same direction he was looking only to see tank running away from a large mound of crap. ugh.
he's all caught up on his shots and weighs a little over 10 lbs. still much bigger than his litter mates.


Poppy Artistry

my friend Marg has started a new business here in Seattle. check out the updates on her website...you may even find a picture of me:

body parts 101

nothing to report really...the weather is perfect today...maybe even a bit too warm...it's 82! august has been riding his bike to school these sunny, warm days while hazel and the dog and i walk ever so slowly behind.

oh my goodness. our next door neighbors are over playing with the kids. they have 2 girls, one is 7 and the other is 4. they are very sweet. they played in the backyard for a while and are now in the living room trying to playing with tank. the younger girl noticed that tank has some spots under his belly and then noticed his "coochie". she asked if indeed it was his "coochie" and i asked if she meant his penis. she looked at me rather confused so her older sister said "yeah, his penis...or it could be his pah-gina."
yup, his penis or his pahgina.

oh, i would post a nice picture of the kids playing outside or better yet, examining tanks nether regions but...no camera...


glissade, glissade, jete, jete, jete and other moves i missed

Imagine my horror walking up to Hazel’s ballet class window and seeing all the other parents sitting in the room watching their little darlings dancing lightly on their feet. I was doing what I always do during her ballet class; I was getting coffee with August. Little did I know that today the parents were welcomed, no, no - encouraged to observe the dancers.
I stood at the window feeling a mixture of dread, regret and sadness. I dreaded the idea of Hazel’s reaction upon leaving the safety of the dance room. I knew she would take her frustration out on me, her frustration from being left standing alone with no parent to dote on her. To be honest, I would fully understand. The regret I was feeling was that I had indeed missed a lovely opportunity of watching my daughter act as if nothing else was in the room except the giant wall length mirror and her own reflection. And the sadness, well the sadness because I could imagine her heart beating a bit faster as she saw all the other parents file into the room waiting and waiting for me only to realize that I was not in the line. That I was not coming to watch her.
The waiting room is always rather crowded what with parents waiting to either pick up or drop off their dancers. When I realized what I had missed I weaved my way towards the door wanting to catch Hazel in my arms as soon as she stepped lightly from the studio. Each child walked out holding their parents hand proudly…and then there was Hazel. Her eyes were downcast, her shoulders slumped. My heart broke. I bent down, our eyes met and she was crying. She spoke as she sobbed questioning why I had not watched her. Wide eyed I explained her that I did not know, if I had known I would have sat with all the other parents. I would have beamed while I watched her. All I could do now was pick her up and squeeze her tightly and reassure her that I would always be there and that I was sorry.


Sweet Home

trey and i took a quick trip to Chicago this past weekend. just the two of us.
our dear friend watched the kids from friday to sunday and then passed them off so that she could recover from having 3 children all to herself. the kids then went back home and hung out with our other friends and awaited our return. the dog stayed at home with yet another friend who hung out with him and watched the house. it took a lot of patch working to get us out of town but we were determined to make it work.
and it did.
we drove to the airport, flew in a plane and rode train to get to our hotel room on waker drive. i loved it. we met up with some people and saw a show near the cubs stadium.no Chicago trip would be complete without a hotdog! after the show we walked across the street and ate a great meal...it didn't matter that we weren't hungry...heather was happy to comply.
honestly, if Chicago had better weather i'd consider moving back...i just can't do all that snow in the winter and that sticky, sweaty heat in the summer.


coffee, waffles and bull penis

i felt like such an adult this morning.
Tank woke me up at 5 and then 6:30. before we got this dog i was able to sleep in until 8 during the week, 8 being the latest possible hour yet still getting the kids to school by 9. now, with this dog, i am finally an adult. he wakes me up and forces me to make myself some coffee (like most adults do) so i can face the next few hours of him chewing the crap out of his bull penis. yes, you heard me, bull p-e-n-i-s!
i was not aware of all the animal body parts they smoke for mans best friend. we've given Tank lamb lung, buffalo bone and yes, bull penis. i must say, the absolute worst way to start the day is to drink coffee and eat waffles while smelling smoked bull penis...not good.