Please Don't be Late

Wow! We've had a great weekend packed with Winters goodness and Christmas cheer.
First, let's get the exciting news out of the way:
It snowed in Seattle. Yes, snowed. And right now, it's 23 degrees outside. The only good I can get out of this situation is that we're all going to be ready for our Michigan visit because our bodies will be acclimated to the cold temps. Of course, in Seattle, when the rain turns to ice crystals, talk turns to snow days...people freak out and assume that no one should drive in the snow so all day yesterday people were betting on no school today. I joined them in their winter wishes and hoped beyond hope for someone to wake up and declare the roads simply undriveable.
Much to my amazement, my phone rang and 5:30 this morning with an automated message stating that Seattle Schools will be beginning 2 hours late. I'll take it! Unfortunately, I am one of those people who can not go back to sleep once I wake up...so, I've gotten a few things done around the house while the rest of my family sleeps off the events of last night.
Which brings me to the next bit of exciting news:
Our dear friend Rosie Thomas released a wonderful new Christmas album this year. The Many household has been listening to it consistently this season and Hazel can be heard at any given time singing Silent Night (which she sang with the choir on the record). Last night Rosie drove from Portland to Washington to end her brief Christmas tour among her friends at Townhall.
Hazel and Trey got on stage to sing with Santa's Helpers Choir and on the very last song Rosie asked Hazel to join her as she closed the show with Silent Night. Hazel was a bit shy during sound check but I think the crowd really boosted her confidence and when Rosie turned to her and asked her to climb the chair so they could sing together, my girl Hazel walked confidently and sang her little heart out. She even ended it with a HUGE "Merry Christmas!!"
I sat in the front row with August and beamed up at my long legged little singer. August yelled, "You go Hazel!!" and stood to applaud his baby sister. It was a good night and a great start to our holiday season.


Are You Game?

You'll have to click on the above image to really read the scores, but if you're up for it, here's a fun way to keep track of this years Christmas cards.
So go to your mail box and open your stack of Christmas cards. Using the above score sheet, tally your points for each card (if you received one from me it's worth a whopping 15 points, you're welcome!). At the end of the season tally your total points and chime in...let's see who's more popular...oh this is just like High School...how exciting!


(The Last) 10 on 10


Birthday Boy

August celebrated his 10th birthday last week. He opted to invite some friends over for Wii games followed by pizza from the place down the street and Trophy cupcakes. The cupcakes fell in transport but the boys loved them just the same.

The boys being...boys.
El gave August a super funny book called Wreck this Journal. All the boys loved it and immediately began following the directions on each page. This page said to chew it.
El also gave August this amazing drawing of a robot.

With all the Many birthdays done we can now focus on Christmas (and my dad's birthday).