Before, During and After

August had a big day today. Here's his before:

And after!
He goes in again on Wednesday to get his retainer. Remember when we went in and got our retainers? There were no choices, you just got the one they gave you...I was surprised to see that now you can choose the color you'd like it to be. August picked red and black. They don't do a retainer for the bottom teeth, they just put that wire all the way around on the inside to keep the teeth in line.
Let's hope and pray that he doesn't step on his new appliance like I did...I don't think I told my folks and ended up having crooked teeth as an adult.

During school hours

I went to curriculum night for August the other night. He's already
just a little bit behind on his classwork but boy oh boy does he have
a cool name plate on his desk!





Summer weather is on it's way out! I'm not complaining just yet, mind you. I'll be happy for the day when I can pull out a sweater and some boots, we're not quite at sweater weather...but I can feel it coming around the bend.

I spent some time looking through my summer pictures and realized that I hadn't put any of them up on my gallery...so, they're up now if you want to peek at how we spent our warm weather days.

The Reynolds visit.

The Mitchell visit.

Our visit to the Reynolds.

School of Rock.



Tank is soaking in as much sun as he can today.
The day has been quiet with the kids going back and forth between our
house and the backyard neighbor. I think they are pretending that it's
still summer and that they don't really have school tomorrow.

A Week Late

The kids had their first day of school last week. Things went well. Both were happy with their teachers.
Hazel was upset on Friday because she had her name written down on a post-it note...apparently it means that her teacher has his eye on her...she was very distraught. August reassured her that he's had his name on the board, "like a million times" and he's survived the year just fine.


Game Day



Holy yummy!

Creative Boy

Creative Girl