I've Moved

Hi there, it's been a while.

I've started a new blog that will focus more on the raising of these teens of mine.

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The Grey

You know what's weird? When we moved from Ann Arbor, Mi to Seattle, Wa in 2000, the weather didn't bum me out. I mean, it took a good 8-10 years before I started really getting effected by the grey. I was happy with the rain over the snow. It was a good trade.
But you know what? I am not happy with the rain here in So Cal. Yes, yes, I know we need it. I know we're having a crazy drought and it just can't rain enough. But when I wake up to the grey here? I get super bummed. Like living in Seattle in the dead of winter bummed. I have to purposefully plan things on the rainy days, otherwise I'll just sit at home and feel sorry for myself and watch a bunch of terrible reality tv shows.
I didn't think it would happen quite so fast. But it did.


A Year in Review

It's been a little over a year since the surgery and almost a year since we moved.
So much has happened in that year.
I'm good. Regular visits to the endocrinologist to check blood and the occasional ultra sound to measure this and that. Taking medication everyday. Working out almost everyday. Life is good.
There is a scar, but most of the time I don't even notice it.

The kids are good. Summer has hit but it does not feel like summer. Both kids are taking summer school. Both kids are busy with their own sports. August is doing water polo and Hazel is on a competitive hip hop team. We have no weekends. We have no free time. For a while I was getting super bummed about it. I had visions of beach visits, time spent on long outings everyday. But that's just not possible. I realized that it's not that urgent. It's always summer here. Yes, part of the year is spent in school, but we have so many days off during the school year that we'll be able to get away plenty. There is no bad weather...only these beautiful days. So the kids do summer school to prepare for the next school year, or to make up for the previous one. They head off to their practices and rehearsals and classes. They can get anywhere here. Hazel has been riding her awesome cruiser to and from school everyday. August rides his penny board. They are as happy as any teen can be.

Enough words...here's a post of pictures from our first year in California (in no particular order):

Said goodbye to familiar places.
And hello to new adventures.

Spent some quality time on our phones.

The beginning.


Scott did some cooking classes for the boys.

Selfies with the girl.


Saw some shows.

Adapted to our new home.

Photo bombed.

Became a middle schooler.

Became a high schooler.

Loved the sun.

Made a home.

Hung with Rue.

Met some super stars.

Saw some Vampire Weekend.

Cousin time at Disneyland.

Meredith came to visit.




Ran the LA Turkey Trot with the Baer crew.


Our view from the backyard.


Had the Mitchell's over.

He may or may not have met Macklemore at church.

Bonded more with Tank.

Got lost.

Saw Matt, Andrew and Mike.

Saw Frieda.

Saw Lauren.

Saw Monica.

Saw Emma.

Night out with Trey.

Disneyland photo bomber.

More than a few visits to Disneyland.

Spring Breakers...that's Pete behind us.

So much hang time with Amy.

3 families dining.

Meet the Suzanne and Pete. We like them a lot.


Spring Break/ Sibling reunion.

Took a ton of selfies.

Saw some great movies.
Had Passover with the amazing Davison family.

Had to buy a neck ring for Penny so she can't escape the yard.

Made some great family friends.

Made my first lamb cake for Easter.

Hazel with her dance class.

Me and the girl.


Visited Seattle for a minute and ate some great food.

Went back to Seattle for a minute and saw the kids.

We visited the Francis at his new home.

The Many family runners. Young Life 5k.

Oh look! The sun is out AGAIN!

My favorite slider in CA.

The dogs.

So many selfies @Knott's Berry Farms after Hazel danced.

Farmer's Market with Sophia.

A day at the Grove with the gals.

Hazel volunteered at Habitat for Humanity.


Summer swim day at Anna's with the Davison gals.

Beach Day with Trey. First camping trip in CA.

What it looks like today.