here i come to save the day

hazel chose to become the amazing-wonder-super-girl:

here they are folks- my super hero children:

you won't like me when i'm angry

one of the highlights from universal was when august became the hulk:


so much to say, so little time

we're back from mid-winter break.
i've got lots to post about but i can't get the pictures from our trip (to disney world) off my camera because trey did something fancy (or annoying) to it and now i have to get a card reader before i can show you the pictures...so...i'll hold off on the disney post.
i will say this though: being a parent and taking my children to the "happiest place on earth" was so wonderful and magical and we just can't wait to start planning our next trip.

the kids had their first day back to school yesterday and i think they were feeling a bit depressed about it. i always ask them how their day was and will usually get something good out of them. but both of them said that it was "rotten, nothing good happened." it was a bit sad. trey's had to work late for the last two night to see some new bands and i think they were bummed about that too.

back to life.


super bad speller

i've always struggled with spelling. i know when something is spelled wrong but i'm unsure of how to spell it right...i may have posted about this on my myspace blog a long time ago...
so i spend a good part of the day checking out other people's blogs to keep up on their lives and to get some inspiration for my own. well, after looking over one this morning i realized that i've been spelling someone's name way wrong.
Rebekah- I am oh-so-sorry. i've been spelling your name terribly wrong. please forgive me. i went back over the last few blogs and corrected my spelling. if i ever make such a blunder again, you simply MUST point it out.

in other news: check out this blog.


my valentine's post

happy v-day everybody.

so i received my valentine's day package from Rebekah. three, count them, three Chinese take-out boxes of goodies!

the best part though...these beautiful earrings. that she MADE! yup, if you want some awesome accessories then you MUST contact Rebekah (orangepoppy on my side bar).

trey and august brought home some flowers for me and hazel to share.

and i made some super flavorful salmon. i got the recipe after watching the food network. i made the whole meal from the show...the salmon, the crunchy noodle salad and...

the lemon cake with blueberry sauce. you can find them all on the above website if you're feeling inspired.


i won! i won!

my friend put together a little valentine's day package give-away and oh-my-gosh! i totally won!
i'll post a picture when i get it.

we went to the auction last night where the following things happened:
1. we won a birthday party for hazel with a bunch of real live cheer leaders.
2. i wore a dress that showed a bunch of my boobies thinking that it would be an adult party but was surprised to see 3 sixth grade boys from one of my favorite classes who were wide-eyed with their hands in their pockets when they stood in front of me with their eyes at boob level to say hello.
3. i drank way too much after not having much to eat for dinner because the food, well, just wasn't that good.
4. we won the opportunity to go to a white trash keg party in the backyard of a school family (will post pictures of that one as well...here's hoping the principal wears his mullet wig).
5. we won and we won and we won and now i'm looking at a table full of "goodies" such as new crystal bar ware, a bag of food from Trader Joe's, a night of baby sitting, a room diffuser and candle, and some other things i don't remember us bidding on...

all in all, it was a good night. one of my friends called this morning to see if i was feeling alright and to make sure we didn't make fools of ourselves. here's hoping.


Friday Night

so last night the kids had their last sleep over with their good friends.
which left me and trey with a full night to fill. i didn't get to work out in the morning because hazel and i went ice skating with my sister and jonah (i'll post on that when i can figure out how to get the movie from my phone to my computer). once the kids left with their friends i ran over to the gym for a bit before getting ready for my date.
we went to dinner at gordon biersch.
then ran over to the showbox to see two great bands- aqueduct and the blow. both bands were great but the blow really stood out. if you haven't checked them out yet, you should.
after the show i was ready to go home because i wore some great new shoes. the looked good but just aren't good for standing around at a rock show for 2 hours. we did stop off at safeway to get something sweet before going home though.
today we're going to the Olympic View auction which should be fun. i doubt well come home with anything but it's always nice to see school folks outside of the school setting.


one whole week!

i can't believe a week has gone by!
i've been sick through most of it but that's not really an excuse for not blogging, i mean even in the throws of sickness one can pick up the keyboard and type a little something! i'll blame it on laziness.

so, here's what you missed:

hazel had her last ballet class of the quarter so we were able to come into the dance room and watch her strut her stuff. her next session starts this week so she won't be forgetting all those toe pointing moves.

august's school had an open house where trey got to play some board games with many loud children...

i gave up on sewing for a bit to reclaim knitting. i love this yarn, it's a cashmere and cotton mix. i forgot how much i love knitting.
i'll post pictures of the knitting project as it develops. i've had to start over 3 times already, but i'm pretty sure that i'm on the right track now.

i made some chicken soup for the family in an effort to kick this cold we're all fighting. the soup looked good but i over cooked the noodles and well, trey has a thing about over cooked noodles so it didn't go over too well.

so we're starting a new week.
august was home sick today but i think he'll be able to go to school tomorrow. they've only got 2 weeks of school before mid-winter break...gotta get some learning in some where!
this week we've got new bedroom furniture coming for august's room, LOST starts up tomorrow night, an overnight playdate for the kids on friday night which means of course there will be a date for me and trey that can last as long as we want! why, we may even get dinner, go to a rock show AND see a movie cause we're wild like that!), we also have the Olympic View Auction this week...
lots to look forward to for this here family.