More hike

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More Hike


I am so out of shape!
Decided to take a hiking trail down the gorge after breakfast this morning. Holy smokes! Going down the trail was great...it was the coming back up that was the killer!
But I managed to take some nice shots while I trudged my way back up.
I'm totally relaxing on our back yard patio right now and there is a gal who is running up the trail I just thought I was dying on...RUNNING!


This little guy keeps popping up to check out the scene.
Steven keeps calling him Wack-A-Mole, as in "LOOK Wack-A-Mole is waving at us!!"

Cave B

We've seen this bunny every morning. Today I thought to bring the phone and try for a good shot. It bounced right up to me, looked at me and pooped. Then hopped down towards the rocks.
Cute, real cute.