Dog Pictures of the Day


We had quite a weekend! Trey was off to SXSW and we had a house full of friends and dogs and good memories.
Ann and El came over for an old fashioned sleepover...Hazel did a read aloud with El when they first arrived. Hazel is getting better and better at reading. She still gets easily frustrated if she can't get a word right away...I remember this feeling as a beginning reader. August, Trey and I just try our best to encourage her and motivate her with lots of interesting books.
August had the Francis over from Wednesday through Sunday...talk about a sleepover! They got along just fine and had plenty of video game time. I think Hazel enjoyed the one on one time this allowed the two of us to have...


Monster Face at Molly Moon

We found this outside of Molly Moon last night. Thought it looked like
a monster face.

Best Friends


Dog Picture of the Day

Rain, rain

It's party time at the Many house today. There's no school (teacher in-service day) and we've got Francis staying with us for the weekend...and August has another friend and his sister over...and we had to invite the backyard girls over too...and their dog! It was a bit crazy for about a half hour until everyone figured out where they wanted to be and what they wanted to do...and now it's all quiet in the Many house. The girls wanted to play pick-up-sticks and the boys wanted to play Wii. Then the girls wanted to watch High School Musical 3 while the boys watched Iron Man. And the Dogs? They are shredding a new toy Kat made for them:


Dog Picture of the Day

Tank is going in to see the vet today because he has a cut in his ear that just won't heal. He continually scratches at it and shakes his head and last night it started bleeding again. Dang dogs cost so much money!! But they're so cute together, huh?


Older and wiser?

I've just spent the last half hour reading over the months after Tank joined the family. We really didn't know what we were doing...I think we did okay in spite of that, in fact, Tank is a great dog right now. He turned 2 in February and he's just turned into this amazingly patient and very obedient dog.
Many of you know that we now have 2 dogs...and not just any old 2 dogs, no, 2 Jack Russell Terriers!
There are many differences between these two dogs outside of the obvious: Tank is a boy, Penny is a girl. We got Tank when he was 8 weeks old and completed his first puppy training class by the time he was 12 weeks whereas Penny came to us when she was 12 weeks and she still hasn't taken any classes because dogs have to have certain shots before they can attend said classes. Penny weighed 5 lbs at her 12 week vet check...Tank weighed 10 lbs!!
For a while here I thought that maybe Penny was a little slow because she really hasn't picked up on her name and while she's very energetic when she plays with Tank, she is also very unsure of herself around other dogs. I'm thinking that I might be very wrong about her...It's quite possible that Tank is slower than Penny. Tank has been with us for 2 years now and he's never found a way out of the backyard. Penny has been with us for 2 months and she's squeezed her way out of every little hole in the fence at least a half dozen times...I'm also quite sure that she'll figure out how to move the lock on her kennel and Tank doesn't even try to push on the door to his kennel to see if I locked it! The case is still out on this issue. Tank is amazing and not very typical for his breed and we're very happy about this, Penny may be more Jack Russell than we had planned for...but dang! She's cute!


Dog Picture of the Day

Come on now...they're cute together, huh?
Tank is so patient with his little half sister. She loves to climb on him and nap throughout the day. She's real good at doing this head tilt thing...it about drives me crazy with the cuteness!


We've been busy fixing the house a bit as of late. I've shown you the bathroom...we've also replaced our front door and garage door...and we've created (and by we, I mean Graham Travis Contractors of course!) a real bedroom downstairs...with a legal window and a closet. Now you'll all have a place to sleep when you come and stay with us...you are coming aren't you?

Inside of the old door.
Outside knob of old door.
Outside of the old door.
Heavy iron security door.Busted old garage door.

Glorious new door!
Beautiful new door!

New outside handle.New inside handle.
Amazing new carriage doors.


This and That

Director and Producer:: Heather and Jen

I've made it through my first production of an elementary school play!!Backstage doing makeup for 66 kids.
August had the role of Sampson, a character who just would not go away...he sang a song about going to the bathroom August practicing his potty song backstage.
(how perfect for him!) and was eaten by a dragon only to return and be thrown off the ship...he was just a bad penny who kept turning up...and he did a great job!
August singing "How Dry I Am" right before intermission.

How dry I am, How wet I'll be if I don't find the bathroom key!!August about to fall asleep after drinking sleeping potion...he is then fed to the dragon so that Jason can get the golden fleece.

It was a three month process with tons of paperwork, email, phone calls and costuming. I'm happy with how it all turned out...especially considering it was my first year. I'm already writing myself some notes for next year! Like...wouldn't it be great if I got my brother Scott to write the elementary school play????? And...how wonderful would it be if Rebecca came and played piano live?! And...didn't Justin say he could do set design!!??
We'll see!