Little Bit Summer, Little Bit Fall

It's another beautiful day today.


Tired 6th Grader

I think August is feeling the effect of having to wake up at 7:00 each morning. He has his own alarm, which really has saved our relationship, and takes a shower every day. Poor kid has somehow received his father's ability to take super long showers and has to set an additional alarm in the bathroom so he knows when his 10 minutes are up.

This morning I couldn't help but notice that he was dragging a bit more than usual. Last night we picked Trey up from the airport and didn't get home until 10:00pm. I think the kids now understand why we keep their bedtime between 8 and 9.

Speaking of Trey, he spend the weekend in LA so he could see a few shows and came home so sick! He's got that body ache and headache and he just wants to sleep. We're keeping him away from everybody so that it doesn't make it's way through the family.

The kids and I all got our flu shots the other day...well, I got my flu shot and the kids cried and generally threw a fit until the nurse happily suggested that they get the nasal mist. August has always had a hard time with shots, but Hazel? She's been so brave every time...except this time.
But I'm hoping having had the immunizations, we'll be set for a healthy winter.


August Many

Did I ever tell you about the time when August was quite into super heroes? He still likes them, mind you, but this was when he was nuts over them. Talked about them all the time. Created new heroes on a daily basis. The kid was obsessed!
There is this restaurant we used to go to pretty often out here called Blue Star. Wonderful brunches, always long lines on Sunday, you know the kind of place...every city has one like it. Anyway, we would go there and of course, while we waited, August would talk about super heroes. What his favorite power was, who the strongest of the strong was, you get the picture. When suddenly he stopped talking and just went slack-jawed. I followed his line of vision and saw the bus boy. Wondering what was wrong I tapped August on the shoulder and asked. He continued to stare and said that the bus boy looked like someone.

Let me pause here and remind you that I have played many tricks on my poor son. There was the Mommy Dot- where a dot would appear when he lied and only a mom could see it. (He spent years covering his forehead whenever he told a lie.) There was also the time when I told him that whenever he steps on ants the bees are notified and they'd come after the person who killed the ant. (Totally believed me.) We won't mention the Tooth Fairy, he figured that one out when she kept forgetting to put money under his pillow.

Back to Blue Star. I took a good look at the bus boy and though that he did look like someone. He looked like Tobey Maguire.
By this time we were in our seats and I too kept sneaking peaks at our man Tobey when I looked back at August and whispered, "Oh my GOSH! I know who that IS! It's SPIDERMAN!"
August's eyes widened and...he believed me. Bought it hook, line and sinker. He wondered what Peter Parker was doing in Seattle and I told him that he must have needed to get away to conceal his secret identity. That he got the job at Blue Star pretty easily and can be a regular person until his Spider Senses went off, then he could slip out the back door and no one would ever know.
For months we kept going back to Blue Star and August would always stare at "Peter Parker". Even felt sorry for him at times. Finally one brunch, August went up to use the bathroom and we called "Peter" over to the table and explained that our son thought he was a super hero, Spiderman to be exact. That we all agreed, he did look a bit like Tobey Maguire, surely other people told him that. Nope. We were the first.
After chatting for a while we asked if he would consider playing along. He loved the idea and when August came back from the bathroom "Peter" quietly came up to our table and started talking to August. Thanking him for keeping his identity a secret.
I watched my little boy turn all shades of red while his eyes widened, he agreed to continue to keep the secret.

August has come a long way since those days. He thinks twice before believing EVERYTHING I tell him. But he's still pretty trusting.
He's about to be a sixth grader. Starts a new school next Wednesday. I've been watching my friends on Facebook post pictures of their kids on their way to school. Many of them lament days gone by when their children were younger.
I am not lamenting those days. I enjoyed August so much when he was a baby. Enjoyed him as a toddler and a little kid. But I am so excited for my son to become more independent. Can't wait for him to feel that he can make his own way and be his own person. Next Wednesday is the start of all that.

We cleaned out his room a few weeks ago. Worked on getting rid of the little kid stuff and replaced them with band posters and such. The huge bin full of his super hero action figures was pulled out of his closet. He sat in the hallway and looked at each one. Asked us if we remembered when he did this or that with this guy. Took some time to pose each one. And then informed us that he wasn't going to get rid of these.