Fall is Happening Here

Things are moving so fast right now.  I'm in shock every time I have to write the date (which is everyday) and realize that Hazel's birthday is right around the corner, then Thanksgiving, then August's birthday and then Christmas!  It will all be over before you know it!
Both kids are turning double digits this year.  It's a big one.  They've requested a brunch at Salty's to celebrate.  August looked at the calendar and picked the weekend that is right in between both their special days.  I think we're all looking forward to that meal.
August is going to be a part of the ski bus every Friday.  It's a big group of middle schoolers who ride the bus up to the pass to ski from 5-10pm.  I'm so excited for him.  It of course will mean that we're having to load him up on ski gear.  I've never skied, and Trey hasn't done it in years.  We spent some time looking at equipment over the weekend...holy cow! Our next step is to go to the swap meet next weekend in hopes that we can find some deals...cause skiing isn't cheep!!
Hazel has been taking a hip-hop class this season.  You guys?  She's so cute when she's trying to bust-a-move.  I mean just picture her with her cute little hair, leg warmers, big ol' gym shoes, tee shirt and leggings trying to do the "Michael Jackson turn" or the "snake" across the room. I'm loving every minute of this class.
Thanksgiving is coming right up.  I originally thought we'd be able to travel to see Trey's Dad and step-mom but then reality hit me right in the face.  I'm a teacher now.  Those days off right before Thanksgiving?  I have to work them!  So all travel plans are off.  Which is sad for the Many family (both Wick's and my own).  Another Thanksgiving in Seattle for us.
Christmas plans are in full swing.  All our family schedules have been approved and we were even able to fit one night with friends!

That's all for now.  Have to get the kids to piano.