Potty Talk

Ladies, we have a bathroom!!!!
The mirrors were the last thing we needed to complete this project...and they came in today!!!

We used our friends at GTR Contracting for this project (and the kitchen remodel and the downstairs remodel...which will be another post).


Hazel is a girly-girl

Can you read the words Hazel wrote?
The assignment was to find more interesting words for their writing. Hazel wrote about a rainbow. She used words like colorful and fantastic and...glamorous and...yes folks, "as colorful as makeup."
You'll also notice that she used the whole page and filled it with these "glamorous" colors and even included a pot of gold and a little leprechaun.


Lunch Envy

August: Hey mom, I was wondering...well...a lot of the kids in my class...well the kids I sit with at lunch...they bring stuff like, you know, big blocks of caramel or candy bars or potato chips...I was wondering if you could pack something SWEET or at least something that TASTES GOOD sometime when you pack my lunch.

Me: Rant, rant, rant about cavities and healthy food and dentist bills and holes in teeth and brushing your teeth with sugarpaste instead of toothpaste....

August: Eyes glossing over...tuning out...laughing at the idea of sugarpaste...

Note: I send him to school with a lunch meat sandwich, a piece of fruit, a granola bar and corn chips. It's not like I'm packing broccoli and spinach for pete's sake....