Fall is Happening Here

Things are moving so fast right now.  I'm in shock every time I have to write the date (which is everyday) and realize that Hazel's birthday is right around the corner, then Thanksgiving, then August's birthday and then Christmas!  It will all be over before you know it!
Both kids are turning double digits this year.  It's a big one.  They've requested a brunch at Salty's to celebrate.  August looked at the calendar and picked the weekend that is right in between both their special days.  I think we're all looking forward to that meal.
August is going to be a part of the ski bus every Friday.  It's a big group of middle schoolers who ride the bus up to the pass to ski from 5-10pm.  I'm so excited for him.  It of course will mean that we're having to load him up on ski gear.  I've never skied, and Trey hasn't done it in years.  We spent some time looking at equipment over the weekend...holy cow! Our next step is to go to the swap meet next weekend in hopes that we can find some deals...cause skiing isn't cheep!!
Hazel has been taking a hip-hop class this season.  You guys?  She's so cute when she's trying to bust-a-move.  I mean just picture her with her cute little hair, leg warmers, big ol' gym shoes, tee shirt and leggings trying to do the "Michael Jackson turn" or the "snake" across the room. I'm loving every minute of this class.
Thanksgiving is coming right up.  I originally thought we'd be able to travel to see Trey's Dad and step-mom but then reality hit me right in the face.  I'm a teacher now.  Those days off right before Thanksgiving?  I have to work them!  So all travel plans are off.  Which is sad for the Many family (both Wick's and my own).  Another Thanksgiving in Seattle for us.
Christmas plans are in full swing.  All our family schedules have been approved and we were even able to fit one night with friends!

That's all for now.  Have to get the kids to piano.


Halloween 2011

The kids opted for a Halloween part of their own this year.  They each made their list and sent out the invitations, created a menu, requested songs and movies.  And it was a success!
While I can't post everyone's picture because I don't have permission from their parents, I can post some of the more disguised kids:
Hazel dressed as a dead vampire.

Trey, a turkey

Hazel's friend was a zombie

August's friend won the best costume contest as an accountant who sold his soul to the devil

A room full of pre-teen gals...super fun! 
This was before the dance party...

August invited several friends from elementary school as well as some newer friends

August's friend as radio head (I think)

Another friend, not sure what his costume was...not sure he knew either

Francis as Hanna?

The beginning of the dance party

There was lots of noise and bouncing around.  Trey made a pretty fun dance mix that the kids loved yelling to.
After the costume competition we started Monster Squad.  Trey and I were upstairs for most of the party but loved hearing the squeals of fright at all the right parts.
All in all, it was a success.


How's it Going

Hi Folks!  It's been a wild ride so far! I'm just popping in to let you know that I have a project up on Donorschoose.  It's a great way for teachers to get things for their classroom.  My class really needs early reader books.  I've taken all the books from my house and brought them to the class but I just can't keep up.
I've also put a project up to see if I can get an easel for the room.  This would be used near the carpet corner which would make direct instruction much easier for the students to see what I'm trying to teach them.  The easel would be used for all direct instruction really and has this great organizational element under it...which I love!
So, please consider giving a few bucks towards these critical needs:


Something's Happening Here

I'm sitting here trying to come up with a post.  Hazel is watching Toy Story on abc family, Trey is out picking August up from his summer trip.  Have I told you about his trip yet?  Okay, so August wasn't doing his best in school last year.  We tried everything before we dangled the carrot- if he finished the year with no C's he could fly out to Cali to visit the Reynolds and the Mitchell girls.  We thought it was a long shot...but we should've known better.  He pulled some amazing grades and we bought the ticket.  The first part of the trip was spent with Aunt Anna where he skate boarded, swam, revved up a ferrari and visited some crazy big houses and much, much more.  And...they hunted down a real Banksy.  So cool.
The last part of the trip was spent with Uncle Scott and Aunt Amy where he took an animation class with his cousin Zane, went to the Tim Burton museum and much, much more.  I couldn't even keep up with all the cool things my boy got to do.  I'm so happy for him and so thankful to my California family for taking care of him.  He is home safe and in high spirits and is ready to go back.  While sitting at the kitchen table a few minutes ago he actually started making plans for next summer...if his grades are good.

Hazel, Trey and I spent part of the day purchasing supplies for my new classroom.  Yup.  You read that right.  After subbing for 7 years I finally have a classroom.  I'll be working with a great gal at Hazel's school teaching reading and writing to 1st graders.  It's a jobshare so I'll be working in the afternoon.  Hazel and I spent most of last week setting up the classroom and leveling books.  My extended family has been amazing and has sent boxes of books to fill the shelves that my neighbor built.  Uh, huh, our wonderful chicken neighbor came to the school and built shelves for the class.  The village has built this classroom, that's for sure.

In other news, Kat and her husband Justin and dog Royal are getting ready to move to Austin, TX.  We're going to have our last dinner with them on Monday.  It's a bummer because all of the events that I mentioned above have kept us very busy.  All the while, Kat and Justin have been packing up their belongings and the move date looms ever closer.  Soon they'll be on the road for an excellent adventure.  Austin is the right place.  Have you ever been there?  It's so cool.  They're going to have a great time out there...but the Many's will surely miss them.

So.  I know it's been a long time since the last post and I know I should put some pictures up, but my computer is so slow and it'd take me a half hour to open iphoto, so it's just not gonna happen this time.  But soon. 


What We Saw

They were sitting at a picnic bench.  I watched as the mom left the area to place their order for dinner.  The man and his two daughters were eating chips and salsa, all three in a row, smallest to biggest.  The smallest one fell off the bench which was connected to the table.  The man tried to act quickly to get to the smallest one but in his haste, he too fell from the bench knocking down the middle girl.  Once the man freed himself from the bench he quickly picked up the small one and bent over towards the middle one who was laying on the bench. 
His fist closed. 
His arm raised. 
His fist pounded the middle one on the back of her hip. 
The middle one scurried to the ground.  She yelled and cried and moved to the next table huddled around the base yelling things at the man.

My husband spoke to the man.  My husband called the police. 
I spoke to the middle one, trying to get her to come to me so we could find her mother. 
The man said to stay out of it. To leave the girls alone.

The mother came back to two screaming girls and an angry man.  She came back to another man talking to the police on the phone.  She came back to a woman cleaning up her children.  She told her man to take five.  She huddled with her girls.  She listened as several people told her that the man punched the middle one.
I told her we would not leave her until the police came.  She asked me what to do.  I asked if this had ever happened before.  She cried and said yes.

The police came. 
They found the man. 
They spoke to the woman. 
They spoke to the girls.
They spoke to us.

And then we left.

My children are shaken.  They stuck close by my side.  They couldn't process what they saw.  My boy said he can't get the image out of his head.  My girl said over and over what the man did. 
My husband...is a good man with a soft heart.  My husband acted quickly.  My husband stood his ground.


Jonah's Pool Party

Hanging before they jumped in the pool. Crazy kids.

Jonah's Swim Party

Last year he had a kangaroo party...this year an outdoor heater to go with Molly Moon ice cream.



Ballard Sea Food Fest with the Reynolds and the Boden families.



TV...yummy drink....good night regardless of the cold weather.




Not everyday is a Lake Chelan day...somedays are a Sunset Hill day.



But oh so sunny!!
We woke up at 10:30 this morning. August slept on the fold out couch while Hazel slept with me.
Right outside our door there is a grassy patch with picnic tables and lounge chairs. We ate breakfast at the table and while I put all our food away the kids positioned the lounge chairs for lounging.
Today will be spent in the water, playing ping pong, lounging and waiting for Rachel and Francis.


The View


Hazel is a lot like her uncle Justin when eating wings. MESSY!
August ordered mild wings and had to return them for the BBQ sauce.
He'll never live this down.

Tin Lilly

The kids and I are out at lake Chelan this week.
We just got here and we've already sone so much. The kids swam and played frisbee. We walked around Chelan and found Tin Lilly. It looks like it should be in Austin. It's got this cool outdoor seating area and serves wings. We're living large tonight!
Rachel and Francis are making their way out here tomorrow so the kids will be busy while Rachel and I relax by the water.
Good times.


More hike

Still more

More Hike


I am so out of shape!
Decided to take a hiking trail down the gorge after breakfast this morning. Holy smokes! Going down the trail was great...it was the coming back up that was the killer!
But I managed to take some nice shots while I trudged my way back up.
I'm totally relaxing on our back yard patio right now and there is a gal who is running up the trail I just thought I was dying on...RUNNING!


This little guy keeps popping up to check out the scene.
Steven keeps calling him Wack-A-Mole, as in "LOOK Wack-A-Mole is waving at us!!"

Cave B

We've seen this bunny every morning. Today I thought to bring the phone and try for a good shot. It bounced right up to me, looked at me and pooped. Then hopped down towards the rocks.
Cute, real cute.


Tulip Festival

Sent from ToonPAINT



Hazel is the one with the dark green wig.



Tonight is opening night. Hazel is a ball of nerves. She plays an Oompa Loompa who brings the Candy Man his huge cart. She's so worried that she's going to mess up.
We have 97 students in our production this year. It's been fun but I'm pretty ready for closing night.
Two sold out shows, months of preparation, ready for Sunday to hit.
And then it's time to produce the Hootenanny.


Much to Say?

I haven't had much to say. Or maybe I've had a lot to say and no time to say it. Maybe I've just felt like being quiet this winter. I guess it all just depends on the day.
Today? I have a few words.

The days have been filled with work at Hazel's school. I almost typed in "the kids school" but had to remind myself that August is now in MIDDLE SCHOOL! So, yes, working at Hazel's school almost everyday. I'm pretty tired, but it's been good for me to be busy. The play for her school is in full swing right now as well. Hazel is an Oompa Loompa along with many other 3rd graders. We have 95 students who are involved in our play this year. Yup. 95. The credit all goes to Heather Hawkins. She's doing such an amazing job with these kids. There are afternoons when I sit in my little corner doing paperwork and emailing all the families and I look up and think that by this time in the day I would have no patience for all these kids. And even on days when I know that she is tired and wishes she was taking a nap on her couch, that woman is directing these kids like it's the only thing she's got going on.
She's pretty amazing.
In reality? She's acting in a show at ArtsWest, directing our elementary school play AND directing a middle school play. Oh, and she's the mother of 2. Really inspiring.
Hmmm, didn't really start out thinking I was going to sing the praises of Heather, but, there you have it.
Hazel's play is April 8 and 9. Let me know if you want to go. I'm filling out the ticket order this weekend.

In other news? August is a preteen. Annnnddd, that's not so fun.
Recent quotes include, "I don't want to touch anything that belongs to YOU!" and well, do I really have to give you anymore? Meh, this too shall pass.


Vacation is Over

Leaving the park... ready for home.

Last Night

Pano 2

Pano Shot


Still a Kid

Daddy's Girl

Down Town Disney

We went to see La Nouba tonight. No pictures but it was amazing!!
On our way we ran into this Lego creation.

Pluto and Girl




Harry Potter Pictures