Last Week of Summer

We had Mike and Rebecca in town for the last week of summer break. Our time was spent "back to school" shopping and exploring the Locks in Ballard and playing Wii.
The kids were super sad to see them go and Tank...well, Tank spent the day sulking on the couch in protest of their leaving.


Many Wedding

We also attended the wedding of Trey's brother in North Carolina this summer. You can find the pictures (which include a few from Hazel's point of view) at my MobileMe Gallery:

Here's a quick sampling if you don't have the time to look through them all:


It was the summer of 2008

I feel like I owe you all so much after being away from the computer for so long. We've done so much this summer, here are some sneak peeks into all our comings and goings:
We did a bit of shopping.
Celebrated our 10 year anniversary.
Took the kids out to eat.
Finally saw the flamingo's.
Went to the dog park a bunch.
Got henna tattoo's at a street fair.
Saw some movies.
Had a picnic or two.
Recorded a song.
Celebrated Jonah's birthday.
Ate some Top Pot.
Had friends over.
Went swimming with Jonah again.
And Again!
Visited family.
Saw Uncle Justin in a whole new light.
Went to Sasquatch!
Got our nails done!!
Went on trips.
Slept on planes.
Cheered for Aunt Kathleen.
Celebrated Rosie.
Had Royal over.
Spent some alone time.
Went to Mexico.

Read a ton of books.Celebrated Sub Pop.
Celebrated the Shoop wedding.Watched Nicole sing.
Ate some GOOOOOD food.

And that's just part of what we've done. I still have to get the pictures from our trip to North Carolina and Michigan. But this is all I can get through now. I'm looking forward to the kids coming home so we can get everything ready for the school year. Hazel in 1st and August in 4th! We have school clothes to buy and lists of school supplies to tick off.
I'll post more memories as they flood my computer.
I have some pictures from the Shoop wedding up at this website:
Feel free to poke around.


10 on 10 between States

We started our day in Asheville, North Carolina and ended our day in West Bloomfield, Michigan. We drove through 3 states and flew the rest of the way. This was our day.