Pumpkin Patch 2012

Pumpkin Patch time!
We went to The Farm again...same one the kids went to in elementary school.  They were excited to do the hay maze and eat apple cider doughnuts.

I'll be honest...they were not nearly as good at the Franklin Cider Mill doughnuts back in Mi...nothing really is!

But we ate them just fine!

A friendly guy offered to take our picture while the kids were playing in the field.  We're pretty lucky that August is still interested in doing all this!

Dude!  The kittens at The Farm are out of control!  Look at August's face...

They were so cute!

Cleaning Hazel's hay-butt!

August giving Hazel a ride in the wheel barrel...she was not a huge fan.

Hazel really wanted someone else to lift her pumpkin...but we made her do it all by herself.

They really had a good time this year.  August and Hazel have some really special moments where they are very sweet and kind to each other.  Moments like this are so perfect.

Yeah...we wouldn't carry August's pumpkin either. Tough love round here!

The haul!

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