The Grey

You know what's weird? When we moved from Ann Arbor, Mi to Seattle, Wa in 2000, the weather didn't bum me out. I mean, it took a good 8-10 years before I started really getting effected by the grey. I was happy with the rain over the snow. It was a good trade.
But you know what? I am not happy with the rain here in So Cal. Yes, yes, I know we need it. I know we're having a crazy drought and it just can't rain enough. But when I wake up to the grey here? I get super bummed. Like living in Seattle in the dead of winter bummed. I have to purposefully plan things on the rainy days, otherwise I'll just sit at home and feel sorry for myself and watch a bunch of terrible reality tv shows.
I didn't think it would happen quite so fast. But it did.

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Bloomin' said...

Shoot! I was hoping your post was going to be on how to cover stubborn grey. I've tried everything and my hair looks exactly the same each and every time.